As of 3/20/2014 we are moving our monthly meetings from the Science Museum to the TCMaker Hack Factory.

It had been getting harder to schedule consistant meetings at the Science Museum.
So until further notice we will hold meetings at the Hack Factory. We are
continuing the third Thursday of the month schedule.
The Hack Factory
3119 East 26th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55406

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Twin Cities Robotics Group

Who Are We?  

We are a loose affiliation
of people interested in
robots, located in the
Twin Cities metro area.


3rd Thursday of every
month, at 7:00 pm.
We now have a room at
TCMaker Hack Factory.

  E-Mail List

E-Mail list

Local Links

Here are some links to other
Twin City Area robotics and
high-tech sites:

Twin Cities Maker

Welcome to
(Online since 2/23/99)

We wish to thank the following people:

Martin Maiers at Web Connections, Inc.
Martin provided web space for Twin City Robotics original web page at

We would like to thank for providing the web space and domain name for

The Science Museum of Minnesota for providing our monthly meeting location 1996-2013.

TCMaker Hack Factory for providing our monthly meeting location going forward.

And we want to thank all the people that show up each month to talk about robots!